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Internet Computer Node Monitor: Node Down Alert email example.

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Nikola Nikov
Carbon Twelve
NODAL CAPITAL', in line with the announcement and discussion at <>. The self-declaration documentation is available at <> with SHA256 hash '0af318f022d942aacd55b2bca683437b8787bee7fbd88dee0eefefde073d3bef
Natalia Kulesha
Mariano Stoll
Ivanov Oleksandr
Nataliia Nykyforak
Buldakova Rehina
Geeta Kalwani
Krzysztof Żelazko
Vladyslav Popov
Bohatyrov Volodymyr
Origin Game
Artem Horodyskyi
Wolkboer (Pty) Ltd
Zondax AG
Wolfhound LLC
William Zelver
Wancloud limited
Virtual Hive Ltd
Starseed Technology, LLC
Sygnum Bank
Staking Facilities
Shelburne Ventures, LLC
Scott Hallock
Ricky Sidhu
Russell Ford
Ronnie Pellizzari
Coplus Limited
Rivram Inc
Rodney Zorrilla
Rishi Sachdev
Richard Suarez
Richard Ma
Rachel Dymecki
Power Meta Corporation
Prayit Jain
OneSixtyTwo Digital Capital
Pindar Technology Limited
Philippe Chapparone
Peggy Shafaghi
Paul Legato
NoviSystems, LLC
Neptune Partners
Mostly Wholesome, Inc.
Moon Block Ventures
Mitchel Guerra
MI Servers
Mika Properties, LLC
MB Patrankos šūvis
Mary Ren
Marc Johnson
Marvelous Web3
Luke Jacobson
Krishna Sriram
Lukas Helebrandt
Kontrapunt (Pty) Ltd
Lauren Dymecki Chickvara
Karel Frank
Joseph Stella
Jonathan Ziskind
Jimmy Quach
Jeffrey Schnettler
Internet Computer Explorer
Illusions In Art (Pty) Ltd
Goodsir, LLC
Icaria Systems Pty Ltd
IC Pros
Honeycomb Capital (Pty) Ltd
Iancu Aurel
Geodd Pvt Ltd
Goat, LLC
Giant Leaf, LLC
George Bassadone
FUM Capital, LLC
Fritz Huie
Fractal Labs AG
Finteck LLC
Fidgitville Ventures LLC
DRMxTech Enterprises, LLC
CRM52 Systems, LLC
DFINITY Operations SA
Conic Ventures
Brener, Inc.
Boolean Bit, LLC
BlockTech Ventures, LLC
Bigger Capital
Blockchain Development Labs
Aspire Properties
Arjay LLC
Archery Blockchain SCSp
Adam Dymecki
A Dog's Boutique, LLC
9Yards Capital
87m Neuron, LLC
43rd Big Idea Films
Bianca-Martina Rohner
Katerina Karapuz

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Internet Computer Node Monitor: Node Down Alert email example.
Internet Computer Node Monitor: Daily Node Status Report email example.


How can I change my preferences?

A portal for Node Monitor is under development. For now, reach out to us directly at

Can I receive node alerts on multiple email addresses?

Absolutely! The initial sign-up form currently requires just one email address. This will serve as the primary point of contact for your specific node provider entity. We recognize that you may have additional contacts you'd like to keep informed. After a successful onboarding, you'll receive a confirmation email. In this message, you'll also find a form to provide more details, including any other email addresses as well as your node labels.

Are there alternative notification channels besides email available?

For other communication channels, we value your input as part of the Internet Computer community. We welcome your feedback to help us prioritize which platforms to integrate with. Complete this form and let us know where you'd like to see Node Monitor next!

Is Node Monitor secure? Are there any privacy concerns I should be aware of?

Node Monitor currently requires your email address for communication. Rest assured, your email is safeguarded and will never be shared. It will solely be used by Node Monitor to send you important notifications about your nodes. As Node Monitor may see more integrations in the future, it may require contact details specific to those platforms if you opt to receive notifications through them. It's important to note that Node Monitor operates using the Internet Computer Dashboard API. This means that all node-related information, except for your contact details, is already publicly accessible data.